Jet Glo Express 840 Series Factory Packed Colours

High solids polyester urethane topcoat

Jet Glo Express™ is a high-performance, four-component polyester urethane, designed for exterior use on high performance general aviation and commercial aircraft. This coating is qualified to SAE International's AMS 3095 and MILPRF-85285E, Type I, Class H.

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  • Qualified to SAE AMS 3095.

  • Qualified to MIL-PRF-85285E, Type I, Class H. (See Jet Glo Express 1:1 series Product Data Sheet for details.)

  • Fast dry times. (Improves shop processing flow)

  • Same proven performance as Jet Glo, but in a high solids system.

  • Good buffing characteristics.

  • Chemical resistant, including Skydrol and other hydraulic fluids.

  • Superior stain resistance.

  • Exhibits outstanding gloss, and gloss retention upon weathering.

  • Excellent flow and levelling.

  • Excellent Distinctness of Image (DOI).
Jet Glo® Express™
  • General Aviation
  • Military
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