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COLORMIX 2022 brochure

COLOURMIX 2022 forecast

MODE - The Industrial Wood COLOURMIX 2022 forecast

Bringing nature indoors, MODE harmonizes wood finish trends that are fluid yet grounding. The Method, Opus, Dreamland and Ephemera collections present trending finishes that highlight the innate beauty of wood to transform spaces.

Colour plays a critical role in the world of wood finishing and is the biggest influencer in a consumer's purchase decision. With painted wood products gaining significant market share, colour and finish are more important than ever before as you look to create differentiation with your products.

Sherwin-Williams colour experts can help you with colour matching. Whatever colour or finish you have in mind, we can create it​ for you. You don’t need to choose from a limited selection of​ colours, at Sherwin-Williams the full spectrum is available. If you would like us to match something, we are happy to​ help.

Sherwin-Williams and our global team will provide you with dedicated support for the varied colour needs you may have for a beautiful finishing end result.



Evergreen Fog - SW 9130 | 215-C4

Introducing the Sherwin-Williams 2022 Color of the Year: Evergreen Fog SW 9130. Embrace the opportunity to begin again with a soothing, organic gray-green hue.

Evergreen Fog exhales nature into product design, and its green, biophilic influences set the tone for a year of growth. This colour is soft and organic, which allows it to easily evolve into a wood stain across both interior and exterior design.

A welcome offering to flooring, kitchen and bath, furniture, architectural building products, and millwork.
Evergreen Fog balances a variety of versatile and sophisticated stains for refreshing, restorative designs.

Evergreen Fog Brochure

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Evergreen Fog

Duration - 0:51

2022 Colour of the Year - Evergreen Fog This colour is soft and organic, which allows it to easily evolve into a wood stain across both interior and exterior design.

NCS Colour Trends 2022+

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The NCS Colour Trends 2022+ is divided into four different rooms and colour schemes - Zience, One, Spring Rebels, and Zero - each with two main colours and four accent colours.

NCS Colour Trends 2021+

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The NCS Colour Trends 2021+ is divided into four different trend stories and colour schemes - Virtual Relativity, Bio-Depth, Seeds and Honesty - each with two main colours and four accent colours.

Our color and design tools, paired with our extensive industry knowledge, give manufacturers access to best-in-class finishing solutions.

Lauren West

Color and Design Director, Sherwin-Williams

Global Colour & Design Center

Our Global Colour & Design Center in North America provides a number of services and resources to help you find your competitive edge.
Continuously identifying emerging colour and style trends to ensure your palette is comprehensive and your finishes are going to sell. 

By having their finger on the pulse of what’s next, the GCDC helps wood product manufacturers to achieve beautiful finishes that fit within their production parameters and create more market appeal without sacrificing the beauty and durability consumers expect.

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