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Maximum Protection. Minimum Downtime!

Protect Your Assets and Their Contents From Corrosion, Contamination and Abrasion Damage for up to 30 Years with Tank Linings From Sherwin-Williams

Our portfolio of high-performance tank linings features a range of products that are suitable for various applications, including:

Internal Linings

Our internal lining products protect the structural integrity of the tank itself, whilst simultaneously protecting its contents from contamination.

External Tank Solutions

Our external tank solutions are ideal for use on both new build and existing assets. These durable anti-corrosive systems are designed to prevent damage to external tanks.

External Floating Roofs

We have developed an external floating roof (EFR) coating system that helps to protect EFRs from external corrosion and a loss of steel.

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Inspection Innovation

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New Technology. New Insights

Our innovative Opti-Check technology has transformed the coating application process. The deeply illuminating ultraviolet light enables applicators to immediately identify and fix defects and pinholes, resulting in a high-quality finish with minimal downtime.


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Featured Product

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Nova-Plate 360®

Protect Your Assets, Their Contents And Your Bottom Line

Nova-Plate 360 is the pioneer for the next generation of tank linings technology. With fast-drying capabilities and an intuitive single-leg spraying system, Nova-Plate 360 enhances application productivity and reduces downtime to deliver crucial time and cost savings throughout the project lifecycle.


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Correct Selection of a Tank Lining

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See how our protective coatings help prevent corrosion and extend the life of the tank as the industry has focused on the use of long-life, high-performance linings to reduce internal corrosion.

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