Acrydur MMA Flooring

Acrydur™ Colours

Methyl Methacrylate MMA Flooring

Sherwin-Williams Acrydur provides fast cure solutions with extreme durability and robustness, for diverse applications. Guidance on Ral shades is provided as an indication and these are not exact matches. The colours stated are for Acrydur pigmented products such as Acrydur TC05. Please contact Sherwin-Williams about pigment packs for other Acrydur products. For coloured quartz colours please see the Deco Quartz colour chart and for coloured flake finishes see the Deco Flake colour chart.

Download the Colour Card

Blue - Ral 5010


Light Grey - Ral 7042


Mid Grey - Ral 7037


Dark Grey - Ral 7012

Green - Ral 6002

Colours shown are an approximate match.

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