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valPure® V70 non-BPA Epoxy Coatings

The new valPure V70 Series of non-BPA* epoxy technologies represents the future of epoxy coatings for light metal packaging.

valPure V70 offers the universality of epoxy coatings, food safety and preservation, while answering the need for choices in the market and delivering on consumer preference.

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Epoxy is a widely used coating type with an enduring track record of performance, manufacturability and brand protection. Traditionally, epoxy coatings were based on BPA. Products in the valPure V70 Series, however, are based on an epoxy resin platform not made with BPA.

The valPure V70 Series goes through a more robust development and safety testing protocol than required by international regulatory agencies. The "Safety by Design" process used by Sherwin-Williams is a product development framework modeled after preclinical pharmaceutical safety evaluation. Safety by Design emphasizes food packaging safety, international regulatory compliance and provides unparalleled coating solutions with market longevity.

Products in the valPure V70 series provide can makers with a choice of coating solutions and provide consumers with products they can trust. The valPure V70 Series products are non-BPA solutions designed for epoxy-like performance across food, beverage and household product segments and are approved internationally.

valPure non-BPA epoxy-based coating solutions for the following end uses:

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*Non-BPA - This designation indicates that the coating technology is based on polymeric components that are not derived from Bisphenol A.

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