Sher-Kem High Gloss Metal Finishing Enamel

Direct-to-metal alkyd enamel

SHER-Kem® High Gloss Metal Finishing Enamel is a direct-to-metal coating designed to give a factory applied finish and provide the brilliant color and performance required by the large agricultural, construction equipment and trailer manufacturers. It can also be used in the general metal finishing market when a premium, long lasting finish is needed.

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More Details

  • 8 package colors provide quick hiding and color clarity needed to achieve OEM finishes
  • Excellent, long lasting color and gloss retention, adding value to the life of finished products
  • Superior distinctness of image reflecting deep color clarity and mirror-like finish
  • Full range of more than 60 preformulated custom colors available
  • One coat direct-to-metal protection
  • Excellent chemical resistance including engine coolant, oil, diesel fuel and unleaded gasoline
  • Easy to apply by simply reducing with a variety of readily available industrial solvents
  • Ideal for coating large components due to longer open time allowing for rewetting
  • For improved hardness, better overnight hardness use V66V1020 Hardener at an 8:1 ratio. Eliminates recoat window
  • Covers quickly due to increased volume solids
  • Easy to apply with many types of spray equipment
  • Heavy Equipment
  • General Finishing
Product Type
  • DTM
  • Enamel

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