Body Shop Quality Control

Collision Core™ Quality is the modern way to conduct quality control that follows, evidences, validates and documents the repair process.

Benefits of Quality Control Software

Allowing an undetected error to leave the body shop or spotting it too late isn’t just about the loss of profit. It is also about reputational cost and the liability and risk involved in making a mistake.

Collision Core Quality is your solution to help prevent that from happening and maintain the leading edge with manageable data insights, cost savings, improved customer satisfaction and ultimately, peace of mind.

Improve customer satisfaction

  • High-quality repairs
  • On-time delivery

Easy to adopt

  • Works on any handheld mobile device
  • No data entry required—repair data imports directly from your estimating system
  • Available now within Collision Core Color Secure Share Marketplace

Reduce costs

  • Less reworks
  • Increase touch time
  • Improve cycle time

Reduce liability

  • Standardize the most effective processes and procedures
  • Evidence, validate and document the repair process
  • Import OE procedures

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Intelligent, intuitive and interconnected solutions that deliver measurable and optimal outcomes.

Collision Core™ Color
Collision Core™ Color offers 24/7 access to a continuously updated library of color formulas, accessible from any web-enabled device with fully optimized touchscreen technology and management system connectivity for an intuitive, speedy and instantaneous color retrieval user experience.
Collision Core™ Inventory
Inventory management and ordering is easy and intuitive with Collision Core™ body shop software. Save time, improve order accuracy, and enjoy product availability.
Collision Core™ Production
Collision Core™ Production is a highly visual, at-a-glance body shop scheduling and production software that helps increase capacity and provides insights in real-time.
Collision Core™ Scorecard
Collision Core™ Scorecard is an automatic Key Performance Indicator (KPI) report focusing on the most impactful lead and lag measures.
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