Resin Floor in Food Processing Facility

Food and Beverage

Hygienic, non-slip flooring for beverage, bakery, dairy, meat and kitchen facilities

Sherwin-Williams seamless flooring solutions promote worker safety thanks to a monolithic surface that will not lift up like the grouted quarry tile and dairy brick found in many food and beverage environments. These systems also promote food safety with proper slope-to-drains in areas subject to frequent washdowns, so water doesn’t pond and harbor bacteria. The FasTop™ seamless polyurethane floor systems offer a profiled surface in both wet and dry conditions, and are resistant to harmful chemicals used as part of Clean-In-Place (CIP) process, including caustic soda, nitric and phosphoric acid. 

Solutions for Your Industry

  • Agricultural

    Resin floor systems designed to withstand heavy vehicle traffic, aggressive cleaning and pressure from heavy storage loads for agricultural processing areas.

  • Bakeries and Confectionaries

    Heavy-duty, hygienic resin floor systems for the bakery and confectionary industry reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls caused by loose materials and powders such as flour, grains, sugar or water on the floor.

  • Dairy

    High performance flooring systems for dairy facilities can withstand heavy-duty traffic, aggressive cleaning at high temperatures, and are slip and impact resistant.

  • Drinks, Distilleries and Breweries

    Food-safe, anti-microbial, non-slip resin flooring systems for breweries and distilleries that comply with strict hygiene and safety regulations and current standards.

  • Kitchens

    Hygienic, seamless and non-slip resin floors are ideal for kitchens and catering facilities.

  • Meat, Poultry and Fish Processing

    Hard-wearing, compliant resin floor solutions for meat, poultry and fish processing areas meet the demands of heavy traffic, aggressive cleaning and pressure from heavy loads.

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