Colour Matters Even at 34,000 Feet

Sherwin-Williams offers accurate colour matching and superior support

As a leader in colour, Sherwin-Williams is committed to providing high quality colour tools, formula retrieval systems, colour formulas and reference materials to make colour selection and formulation simple. We employ highly skilled colourists, equipped with the latest technology and instrumentation. Our colour laboratory creates new colour formulas daily. From our colour reference and formula retrieval systems, our dedication to colour matching and reference is evident in our accurate colour formulas.  

Colour Selectors

Our colour tool system makes the colour selection process fast and easy for exterior and interior applications.

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Sky Match Colour Management

The Sky Match colour management system provides improved MRO and aircraft paint shop productivity and profitability.

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Colour Tools, Systems and Reference

Aircraft Colour Visualiser
The Aircraft Colour Visualiser is a web-based tool that enables users to digitally experience colour combinations on a variety of aircraft types.
Colour Tools
Sherwin-Williams offers a complete aerospace colour tool system for easy colour selection.
Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Colour Tools
Custom Colour Matching
Sherwin-Williams Aerospace offers custom colour matching to handle complicated colour schemes and extensive deliveries.
Technician surrounded by colour panels on wall
Sky Match
The Sky Match™ colour management system is a web-based system designed to make colour retrieval faster and manageable.
colour system
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