Inside Sherwin-Williams Part I: Learn How Sherwin-Williams Makes the Best Colour Coatings on Earth

Duration - 3:33

Go "inside" Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings (formerly Valspar) in this first of three videos in a series and learn exactly how we strive to create the finest exterior metal paint colours for our architectural and other coatings.

At Sherwin-Williams manufacturing plants, we share how our unique colour-matching process works. We mix resins, solvents, pigments — and much more — to precisely meet our myriad of clients' metal coating needs, from skyscrapers to household appliance exteriors.

Every day at Sherwin-Williams, we also create custom colour coatings or paints for extrusion and coil coatings using state-of-the-art tools, hues, technology and analytics.

We collaborate with our customers to bring them our paint ideas as well as work closely with them every day to bring "the latest and greatest" Sherwin-Williams colours to life.

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