Colour Express™ Powder Programme

Faster Colour Matches, More for Your Bottom Line

Correctly matching colour takes time, and your customers can’t wait that long, so what should you do? Sherwin-Williams has the solution for you with the Colour Express Powder Programme.

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You know colour matching is necessary and doing it right takes time, time that your customers may not always provide. The typical process, needing a match, sending it to a supplier, getting a sample back, and winning the business takes a lot of time, in some cases weeks. When time is money, speed is everything.

The Colour Express Powder Programme utilises an easy-to-use colour matching and measurement tool that provides the closest match to more than 200 in-stock powder products. A simple click and you can match the colour to a product that is available in more than 70 locations across North America.

The programme is simple:

  • Purchase the Sherwin-Williams ColourReaderPRO powered by Datacolor through your local sales professional or facility.
  • Use the one-click device to match your colour needs; it provides the closest match to an in-stock product that’s readily available.
  • Order your matching product from the in-stock colour card, RAL colour, or any other in-stock products.

Start matching and winning more jobs today!

Sherwin-Williams ColourReaderPRO powered by Datacolor

The ColourReaderPRO is an easy-to-use handheld colour matching and measurement tool that allows professionals to match or measure colour in their operations quickly. The portable device works stand-alone or through a mobile application to provide enhanced features, such as additional colour information or fan deck visualisation, on a mobile device. The ColourReaderPRO is simple to calibrate onsite and comes loaded with Sherwin- Williams in-stock powder products so you can start matching on day one.

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