Trend Forecast

For Industrial Markets

After a year of data collection and workshopping, the experts at Sherwin-Williams DesignHouse for Performance Coatings have created a collection of 21 individual and complementary colours for utilization throughout the next 3-5 years.

DesignHouse is excited to provide the Trend Forecast program of collaboratively accumulated trend intelligence for your concept inspiration, specification and development – giving your design team a competitive edge.

The content of our visionary report was strategically researched, analyzed and forecasted – harnessing an innovative methodology that encompasses three directive trends. These forward-looking trends offer design teams the inspiration and confidence to develop products in colours, materials, effects, finishes, textures and patterns that consumers will accept and adopt.

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From Here to Eternity

Influences: Technology, Astronomy, Oceanography, Bioluminescence, Math & Science, Big Data, Sci-Fi Futures, AI/AR/VR

Industries: Automotive, Transportation, Medical Device, Technology, Consumer Electronics, Appliance, Heavy Machinery, Architectural, Building Products


Take a Hike

Influences: Harmony, Nature & Nurture, East & West, Work & Life, Health & Wellness, Self-Actualization

Industries: Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Goods, Packaging, Building Products, Architectural, Outdoor Lifestyle, Appliance, Interiors, Furnishings



Find Y[our] Own Way

Influences: Rights & Freedom, Social Causes & Justice, Privacy & Security, Truth & Honesty, Power & Voice, Play & Leisure, Sports & Amusement

Industries: Packaging, Powersports, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Goods, Small Appliance, Interiors, Furnishings, Accessories, Retail Merchandising Racks


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With help from our colour experts, we can shorten the distance from concept to reality – limiting the number of iterations to match new, complex finishes and ensure colour harmony across a range of technologies.

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