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High Performance, Easy to Apply, for all Industrial Application on Metal Surface

The right colour, when and where you need it. Inver Powder Coatings are available in a wide assortment of colours, effect and gloss. Discover our collections Indoor and Outdoor of powders on stock or our InverSpeed technology for fast delivery in small quantities.

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Inver Powder Products

Powder coatings represent Inver's extremely high level of specialisation, the result of research that started in the nineteen seventies and which has made it one of today's European leaders in this type of finishing. Inver produces termosetting powder coatings based on polyesters, epoxy-polyesters, epoxy, polyurethane, with a wide range of shades and levels of brilliance. These industrial coatings come in solid form and therefore do not release solvent vapours during application thus reducing drastically harmful emissions into the atmosphere. What is more they are not flammable, there are no special restrictions for transport, they can be stored simply and safely, they are ready for use, they give high coverage and the overspray can be recovered.

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Inver powder can be used on appliances

Indoor Powder Coatings

Functional products with high adhesion, hardness, excellent flexibility and resistance.
These are among the paint products most extensively used in industry.
Products developed as primers and undercoats to improve resistance to corrosion.

Inver Outdoor Powder Coatings

Outdoor Powder Coatings

High Durability
Products developed with the highest possible resistance to atmospheric conditions.
Excellent surface coverage, hardness and resistance to chemical agents.
Polyester Inverpul
Formulated for industrial use with good resistance to atmospheric conditions.


Raw Inver powder pigment


A complete coating solution for durability and performance
A unique production system for powder coatings, millions of colours
Inverspeed powder coatings with the same characteristics as an industrial polyester powder. Whether your goals are product efficiency, performance, sustainability, or an aesthetic appearance - we have the solution for you.

Inver a brand of the Sherwin Williams Company

Inver Industrial Coatings

Inver brand coatings protect the colour and finish of your brand and your customers' investment for years to come. Here are some Case Studies to learn how Inver supports industrial manufacturers to improve their operations and manufacturing efficiency.

Inver brand Case Studies
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