Fire Retardant System from Sherwin-Williams

Excellent performance on safety and finish

We are happy to announce that we have developed
a solvent-based fire retardant lacquer system which upgrades a D-class substrate to Bs1d0 according to
EN13501-1 norm. It has passed a classification test
on15mm thick D-class MDF with oak veneer.

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Furni Fire Pro fire retardant system

European legislation is continuously improving regulations of fire safety in buildings.
Part of the regulations refers directly to building materials used in construction and

Depending on placing and role, different elements of a building must fulfil certain fire
classification. Producers of wall panels, ceilings and fixed carpentry have to test their
products for fire safety. They have to fulfil strict levels of reaction to fire described in
European norm EN13501-1.

Wood and wood-based panels are classified as products that have a contribution to
fire (class D). They demand special treatment to achieve “very little contribution to fire”
(class B) which is a demand for example in public buildings.

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Furni Fire Pro fire retardant system

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