Laqvin Top EG1560

Where innovation meets tradition

Elevate your wooden window production with Laqvin Top EG1560, the pinnacle of exterior topcoats.

Wooden window frame coated with Laqvin Top EG1560

Experience the Sherwin-Williams value today

  • Superior quality
  • Application flexibility
  • Simplified excellence
  • Cost reduction
  • Customisation at its core
  • Enhanced performance

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Merging unparalleled quality with a spectrum of application methods, Laqvin Top EG1560 delivers a modern solution that excels in aesthetics and durability and revolutionises efficiency, reducing complexity and cutting costs in your manufacturing process.

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Window within a roof line

Choose Laqvin Top EG1560
Where innovation meets tradition

Opt for Laqvin Top EG1560 and transform your wooden window offerings with a topcoat that promises not just outstanding quality and aesthetic appeal but also unparalleled application flexibility. Reduce complexity, save costs, and exceed customer expectations with EG1560, the flexible, efficient, and high-quality solution for today’s market. 

Elevated by excellence

Superior quality
Crafted with an optimal blend of modern resins, EG1560 sets the standard for exterior topcoats with its exceptional finish, ensuring every window shines in beauty and resilience, adhering to stringent Sherwin-Williams standards and EU normative 927-2.

Application flexibility
From fine sprays at 160 gr/m^2 to robust layers up to 350 microns, EG1560's adaptable viscosity supports a broad range of application techniques, including rotary bells and hand airless spraying, ensuring flawless application for any project requirement. It's easy pumping feature enhances the product's versatility, allowing for smoother operations during application.

Simplified excellence
EG1560's multifunctional approach allows it to serve as a singular solution for multiple coating needs, dramatically reducing production steps, inventory requirements, and decision-making overhead, streamlining operations for enhanced productivity.

Cost reduction
By minimising the need for multiple products and simplifying the production process, EG1560 not only reduces operational complexity but also significantly lowers overall costs, making high-quality coatings more affordable and accessible.

Customisation at its core
With the SWEEXT tinting system, EG1560 offers endless colour possibilities, enabling personalisation for any project while maintaining the coating’s superior quality.

Enhanced performance
EG1560 is engineered for excellence, offering good leveling for a smooth, uniform finish and excellent sag resistance, ensuring a flawless look even on vertical surfaces without dripping or sagging.

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