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Sherwin-Williams delivers industrial wood coatings solutions to wood manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. 

Global Solutions...

Manufacturing is global, and so are we. Whether or not your business is multinational, you'll benefit from our global technology transfer, product availability, inventory management, product consistency and expertise across your value chain.

With a growing global infrastructure dedicated to serving the needs of your industry, we understand your unique coating needs and the many regulatory, environmental and performance specifications you face.  As a global partner, we are able to manage color consistency across continents, substrates and products, assist with value-chain alignment, provide support to tier suppliers, contractors and applicators, and help manage your strategic coatings-related needs across your entire business. 


...Delivered Locally

As your complete solution, we're committed to a powerful infrastructure of localized facilities and support — backed by the resources of a global supplier. 

Our localized business model means that you will receive direct, responsive support no matter where you're located. With our sales, account and on-site technical representatives, we're able to align our products and solutions with your real-world needs. And through our localized facilities, we provide fast turnaround on customized coating solutions as well as inventory management assistance and JIT stocking. 

Technology is always advancing, and we’re leading the way with coatings specifically customized to your performance, aesthetic and application needs. With our broad platform of more than 70 facilities and R&D labs, we have the localized sales, technical support and expertise to work with you on your lines and tailor our products to your business — giving you meaningful local support in the areas that matter most. 


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