Firefighters using water fog spraying down fire from oil rig factory explosion

FIRETEX M90 Series for cryogenic spill and hydrocarbon fire protection

Sherwin-Williams FIRETEX® M90 series of materials have been designed to provide fire and corrosion protection against the most aggressive hydrocarbon industry hazards.

Developed to resist hydrocarbon pool fires, jet fires, cryogenic spill, and explosions, this range of products is ideally suited for use in onshore and offshore applications in the energy sector. 

Based on a proven chemistry platform, the FIRETEX M90 series has protected assets and lives for nearly 30 years. With a wide range of fire, corrosion, cryogenic spill, and blast/explosion approvals, this range of highly durable materials are ideally suited for use on new build assets, as well as on maintenance projects on operating facilities and resources.

Recommended uses

  • Oil refineries, LNG terminals, petrochemical plants, marine docks, offshore facilities and assets
  • Support structures: skirts, legs, saddles, columns, beams and bracing
  • Pipe racks, vessels, tanks, spheres, spheroids

Application time savings

  • Reduces time spent coatings assets to accelerate applications
  • Quick over-coating times
  • Excellent sag resistance and a high-film build with minimal finishing requirements

Cost effective

  • Reduces the total cost of the coating process with as few as two coats
  • Low installation weight minimises transportation cost after application
  • Can be applied in shops, modular yards or on site
  • Minimal maintenance over design life of the asset

Extended life of assets

  • Protects assets from both fire and corrosion through the proven performance of our epoxy formulation
  • Lowest life-cycle cost option
  • High-performance corrosion and fire protection in heavy industrial environments.

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