Resin Floor in Food Processing Facility

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Explore our broad portfolio of high performance resin flooring systems by chemistry, industry, VOC or brand.
Resinous Floor in Automotive Garage
Sherwin-Williams provides a wide range of proven, seamless resin flooring systems for automotive areas including manufacturing facilities, dealerships, showrooms and garages.
Resinous Floor in Aerospace Hangar
Aviation and Aerospace
Our heavy-duty, Skydrol-resistant, seamless resin floors for aerospace and aviation and ideal for hangars, cargo terminals, maintenance and manufacturing areas.
Resinous Coating on Car Park Deck
Car Parks
Our portfolio of car park systems includes many colourful, waterproof, protective deck coating solutions that provide slip and skid resistance with durability and long-term surface protection to prevent corrosion.
Resinous Floor School Atrium
Education and Culture
Our seamless, hygienic and contemporary resin floors for nurseries, schools, colleges universities, libraries and museums are hard-wearing and slip resistant.
Resinous Floor in Food Processing Facility
Food and Beverage
Sherwin-Williams floor coatings for the UK food and beverage industry are non-slip, anti-microbial, and food safe. Explore our food factory flooring solutions here.
Resinous Floor in Government Correctional Facility
Government and Public Sector
Explore our seamless, long-lasting, fast-cure and easy-to-maintain resin floors for government environments such as correctional institutions, fire stations, emergency rooms and military facilities.
Resin Floor in Industrial Warehouse
Industrial and Manufacturing
Explore our heavy-duty, impact-resistant and non-slip seamless floor systems that meet the demands of industrial production and manufacturing, warehouse, distribution, containment, nuclear power, electronic production and printing and packaging facilities.
Resinous Floor in Hospital
Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
Our seamless, non-slip resin floors help create sterile and cleanable conditions that comply with strict pharmaceutical and healthcare industry standards and are designed for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing, clean rooms, laboratories, hospitals, operating rooms, assisted living facilities and veterinary clinics.
Resinous Floor in Hotel Entryway
Retail and Commercial
Sherwin-Williams provides a wide range of attractive, seamless, hard-wearing resin flooring solutions for all areas in hotels, convention centers, sports centers and retail including systems ideal for bars, gyms, lobbies, hallways, spas, pools and commerical kitchens.
Resinous Floor in Stadium Concourse
Stadiums and Arenas
Our decorative, seamless resinous flooring options for stadium and arena public walkways, stairways and bathrooms deliver high durability, excellent resistance to wear, and can also incorporate slip-resistant surfaces to enhance visitor safety.
Resinous Floor in Airport Terminal
Our decorative, seamless resin floors for airports, train stations, railway platforms, and bus and coach terminals are non-slip and durable to withstand heavy passenger and vehicle traffic.
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