Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Introduces Next Generation Chrome Free Primer

New Primer Offers Class-Leading Corrosion Resistance, Performance and Durability Protection for all Types of Aircraft

ANDOVER, KANSAS – November 8, 2023 — Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings has launched Next Generation Chrome-Free Epoxy Primer (CM0483800) – a new high-performance, two-component, corrosion-inhibitive primer which contains no chromate. Ideal for application on all types of aircraft, including commercial aircraft, business jets, military aircraft, UAV’s, rotor aircraft and general aviation, the primer provides exceptional performance with various substrates and pretreatments, and is designed to work with all Sherwin-Williams exterior topcoat systems.

Customers will appreciate the primer’s simple 2:1:1 mix ratio that is ready to spray: no additional reduction required for true ease of use. It also offers a broad application range using a single activator. The product flows out to a nice smooth surface, and its excellent wet edge is ideal for large surface application areas or different environmental conditions. The epoxy primer’s neutral color allows for good hiding.

The Next Gen-Chrome Free Epoxy Primer is environmentally tolerant of application conditions for versatile use, and provides excellent gloss hold out. It also boasts superior low-film wetting, levelling, and dry-film profile. Additionally, it allows superior topcoat wetting for easy collapse, flow, and levelling for a smoother finish. The epoxy is an ideal non-sand primer system and can be denibbed if necessary.

The new Sherwin-Williams product will be offered as individual components and kits, and can be used with all spray equipment, including conventional air spray HVLP, electrostatic air spray or air assisted airless. The primer meets U.S. VOC regulations that require 2.8 pounds/gallon (335 g/L), and will be available for sale in North, Central and South America.

For more information on the Next Generation Chrome-Free Epoxy Primer, visit or call Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings at 1.888.888.5593 (North America), 1-316-733-7576 (international).

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