3M Finesse-it Knit Buffing Pad

3M Finesse-it Knit Buffing Pads is manufactured with wool fibers knit into a polyester fabric backing for applying Finesse-it Finishing Material or Finesse-it Final Finish.

3M™ Finesse-it™ Knit Buffing Pad features 100% wool fibers knit into a polyester fabric backing for applying Finesse-it™ Finishing Material or Finesse-it™ Final Finish. These pads are ideal for buffing automotive OEM, marine and aerospace coatings. These wool pads are also effective for removing finishing abrasive sand scratches, oxidation and other paint surface defects.

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  • Provides soft, smooth surface for applying 3M™ Finesse-it™ finishing products

  • ​Wool fibers distribute material evenly and consistently

  • ​Wool nap conforms to contours for even finishing

  • ​3M™ Hookit™ attachment system holds pad securely and provides quick disc/pad change-out

  • Pads combine with buffers, random orbital tools, and variable speed polishers to produce desired final finish
Product Type
Buffing Pads

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