Premium HP Process Clearcoat HPC15

Premium HPC15 HP Process Clearcoat delivers productivity and is designed for same-day delivery for 1-3 panel repairs without ever needing to turn on your bake cycle.

Premium HP Process™ Clearcoat HPC15 with Air-Bake™ Technology is an extremely productive clearcoat designed for a range of speed applications from single to multi-panel repairs. As one of the premium clearcoat offerings from Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes, HP Process Clearcoat HPC15 offers outstanding application properties, gloss, appearance, and buffability. HP Process Clearcoat HPC15 offers an extremely fast cycle time for increased productivity and does not require the use of a high temperature bake cycle, which generates substantial energy savings. It meets National Rule VOC Regulations.

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Product Information

  • Patented Air-Dry Technology - No Bake Required
  • Wet-on-Wet Application - Less Time in the Spray Booth
  • Refinish from Primer to Clearcoat in 40 Minutes
  • Fleet Refinishing
  • Refinish
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