PolyPREMIER Lighting

One of the most cost-effective lighting fixture coatings on the market.

Optimal reflectivity in any light. Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings PolyPREMIERâ„¢ OEM Lighting High Reflectance White coating provides a highly flexible formula that can be applied at multiple dry film thickness ranges to target the reflectivity requirements of your fluorescent and LED lighting fixtures. You can achieve an extremely high DFT for maximum reflectivity due to our split coat process with intercoat adhesion. This coating is available in multiple glosses, textures and diffuse gloss ranges, plus black for stripe applications.

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  • Cost-effective

  • Designed to meet LED and fluorescent lighting requirements

  • Chromate-free formulated for RoHS compliance

  • Excellent formability and flexibility

  • One-stop coating solution
End Use
  • Interior
  • Lighting Fixture
  • Fluorescent and L.E.D Applications
  • Cold-Rolled Steel
  • Aluminum
Finish Description
It's amazing what can be done with a palette of crisp, radiant whites.

Product data is a representative set of attributes and characteristics for this system or product line. Data for individual products may vary and is subject to change. Please reference the individual product datasheet for exact specifications on the Datasheets tab above or through Search.

  • LFW Crinkle
    The unique texture of Crinkle redirects light for enhanced visual depth promising a muted finish appearance.
  • LFW Matte ST
    When a matte appearance is desired, this subtle textured appearance delivers a soft look while still maintaining high reflectance values.
  • LFW Diffused Gloss
    A lighting coating with all the offerings and benefits of a high reflectance application with a low sheen cosmetic approach.
  • LFW Texture
    A conventional textured approach provides a durable finish while still maintaining excellent flexibility and forming characteristics.
  • High Reflectance White
    High Reflectance White Coil Coating is one of the most cost-effective lighting fixture coatings on the market. This highly flexible formula allows you to achieve a range of finishes, looks, and reflectivity for both fluorescent and LED lighting fixtures.
  • LFW High Reflectance White
    Take vibrancy to a new performance level with high gloss and high reflectance properties. The high gloss finish makes this coating system gleam.
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