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Site signage is often among the final, if not the very final, piece considered during many commercial construction projects. So architectural sign companies may find themselves with less time than they’d like to deliver a product that is good-looking, dry and free of defects.

“Start sooner, finish sooner” is the service mantra for Universal Sign Systems. A savvy production manager will always be open to techniques that can accelerate throughput. Daryl Mowry, who has that role at Universal Sign Systems of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was open to change, and he got more than he bargained for. 

A previous paint supplier worked only through distributors, and technical support was limited. When Universal Sign brought painting in-house with a new 12,600 square foot addition, Mowry brought Sherwin-Williams sales representative Walt Szczesny in to do a finishing line audit. Walt’s recommendations started with fast, accurate color formula retrieval software and cloud retention capability, and expanded with new products that had measurable and dramatic impact on speed.

Fast, accurate color retrieval isn’t the only benefit to Universal Sign of using GENESIS colors, according to Mowry. With Michigan as the company’s home base, the product’s durability is passing the road salt test, he said. And the GENESIS line is formulated with the lowest solvent levels, making it compliant with the air quality regulations of most states that govern VOCs.

Color tools and know-how, ultra-durable paint chemistry and process optimization are the three value pillars that Sherwin-Williams’ automotive coatings were built upon. Today Universal Sign Systems’ manufacturing line is bringing all of those benefits together to “start sooner and finish sooner” for their customers.

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