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Plastic Waste Transformed

Powdura ECO powder coatings are a next-level approach to sustainability. This transformative product collection elevates powder coating sustainability to new heights – providing customers a more eco-conscious solution to product protection, color, and performance.

  • Available in Polyester TGIC, TGIC-free and Hybrid powder coatings.
  • Innovative technology utilizing recycled plastic waste.
  • May align with LEED, Greenguard and BIFMA Level certifcations.
  • One pound of Polyester coatings contains the recycled plastic content equivalent to sixteen - 16 oz - plastic bottles.

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Featured Industrial Coatings and Programs

Polane Scene

Polane 8910

Polane 8910 is a two-component coating providing a full gloss range with excellent exterior durability and chemical resistance properties along with high volume solids and low VOC levels. Applicators will experience maximum flexibility, while end-users will enjoy outstanding field performance.

Why use Polane 8910? 

  • Full range of gloss, finish and color
  • Application flexibility
  • Efficiency
  • Durability

General Finishing Coatings

Sherwin-Williams General Industrial Coatings offers innovative liquid, powder, and electrocoat technologies and expertise around the globe. Customers value the global reach of our capabilities combined with localized service and execution providing sustainable, productivity-enhancing solutions for their operations.  With over 150 locations worldwide Sherwin-Williams offers expertise and local support to customers involved with Energy, Heavy Equipment, Transportation, Building Products, Electronics, Defense, Energy, General Finishing, and Industrial Design coatings operations. 

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