Infographic explaining the number of plastic water bottles in 100 lbs of Powdura ECO

Powdura® ECO Powder Coatings

A next-level approach to sustainability in coatings.

By converting recycled plastic into high-performing polyester resins, Powdura ECO combines sustainable innovation with industrial performance.

  • Available in Polyester TGIC or TGIC-free Standard, Hybrid, and Super Durable powder coatings
  • Designed for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications
  • Customizable for specific appearance and performance requirements
  • May align with LEED, GREENGUARD® and BIFMA Level® certifications

High-Quality Performance Coatings with Sustainability Attributes

Powdura ECO matches the high performance of traditional powder coatings in UV resistance with solid color and gloss retention and corrosion resistance and outperforms the competition in impact resistance and flexibility – proving that formulas with sustainable attributes can match or even exceed the durability of conventional coatings.

Differentiated performance for a full spectrum of finished goods:

  • Appliances
  • Heavy equipment
  • Office Furniture
  • Electronic enclosures
  • And more
Plastic bottle in the background and powder in the foreground
View of person looking down into a water bottle.

Innovative Coatings that Put Waste to Work

Powdura ECO polyester resins contain up to 25% recycled plastic, reducing CO2 emissions while mitigating plastic waste.

Each pound of Powdura ECO standard durable TGIC and TGIC-free formulas contains the recycled plastic equivalent of roughly 16 sixteen-ounce water bottles, making the positive impact of every customer clear.*

Reduce Your Environmental Impact. Prepare for the Future. Build Reputation and Market Share

Traditional powder coatings offer numerous sustainability attributes like low-to-no VOCs, reduced waste and lower transport costs compared to most liquid coatings. Powdura ECO takes this one step further by using resins containing post-consumer recycled plastic (or rPETs) to reduce carbon emissions and help mitigate plastic pollution.

As demand for sustainably made products grows, Powdura ECO is a great solution for manufacturers looking to differentiate themselves and increase sales to today’s eco-conscious consumers.

Protect and enhance responsibly, from start to finish.

View the Powdura ECO Color Sample Card

This color sample card contains a range of colors available in both TGIC and TGIC-free chemistries. The card features eight in-stock and twelve make-to-ship products that can be used on your next job.

Switch to Powdura ECO Coatings and See the Difference You Can Make

The following is an example of the impact one customer can make using an annual volume of 700,000 pounds* of standard durable polyester Powdura ECO powder coatings.

*Dependent on final product formulation.

  • In one year: Recycle 12 million 16-once plastic bottles, saving 375 tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to removing 75 cars from the road.
  • In five years: Recycle 60 million 16-once plastic bottles, saving 1,875 tons of carbon dioxide which, is equivalent to removing 375 cars from the road.
  • In ten years: Recycle 120 million 16-once plastic bottles, saving 3,750 tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to removing 750 cars from the road.

Our vision is to enable a sustainably finished industrial world. Manufacturers have the responsibility to develop more efficient and sustainable solutions that meet the emerging needs of customers while driving new growth for the industry.

That’s why we’re the first to convert polyester resins containing post-consumer recycled plastic into high-performing powder coatings for the industrial market. For more information on all our environmental efforts, check out the 2022 Sherwin-Williams Sustainability Report.

Image of plastic bottles falling
  • One pound of Powdura ECO standard durable polyester TGIC/TGIC-free powder coatings contains the rPET equivalent of roughly 16 sixteen-ounce water bottles*. 
  • One pound of Powdura ECO Polyester/Epoxy Hybrid powder coatings contains the rPET equivalent of 7-10 sixteen-ounce water bottles*.
  • One pound of Powdura ECO Superdurable PE TGIC/TGIC-free powder coatings contains the rPET equivalent of 7-8 sixteen-ounce water bottles per pound of coating*.

*Dependent upon final product formulation.

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