KemVar® 80 Series Conversion Varnish

Ready-to-tint high-performance coating system.

KemVar® 80 Series Conversion Varnish is a high-performance coating system that offers a durable finish at a thinner film build with excellent slip and feel. This product line contains a water white resin technology, which offers exceptional clarity and resistance to yellowing of the final film. KemVar 80 Series Conversion Varnish is the perfect choice for manufacturers in the kitchen cabinet and furniture product markets looking to achieve an exceptional finish in a range of colors.

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  • Color Express capable means quick, accurate and repeatable tint process via direct colorant addition to short filled cans

  • Optimized dispersions for color consistency through shelf-life

  • Wide gloss range available with a 10-20 unit separation between bases, no gloss adjustments not necessary

  • Simple, straight forward mixing, consistent from primer to topcoat

  • Pre-reduced catalysts

  • Easy, versatile application and proven success with all industry equipment - AAA, Conventional, HVLP, and Automated Application (Hangline and Flatline)

  • Excellent flow and leveling for a beautiful, smooth finish, with attractive slip and feel
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen Cabinetry
  • Interior Building Products
Product Type
Solvent Liquid Coatings

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