Sher-Wood® Kem Aqua® Plus Clear

Water-reducible self-seal clear

Sher-Wood® Kem Aqua® Plus Clear is a high quality, water reducible, self-seal clear for finishing furniture, cabinets and a wide variety of wood and novelty items. It contains a UV absorber to significantly reduce natural wood discoloration due to sunlight.

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  • Contains UV absorber to reduce discoloration of natural wood from exposure to sunlight.

  • Excellent film clarity

  • Minimizes tannin bleed even as a selfseal system

  • VOC as packaged is less than 2.3 lbs/gal, 275 g/L

  • Dried film is very light in color which makes it suitable for finishing over natural wood or pastel stain colors

  • Meets test requirements of the KCMA self-sealed and over Sher-Wood Kem Aqua Plus Waterborne Sealer, and Sher-Wood Kem Aqua Lacquer Sanding Sealer

  • Excellent mar resistance

  • Better resistance to microfoaming than other latex clears

  • Excellent hardness, block resistance and print resistance

  • Good flow and leveling
  • Kitchen Cabinetry
  • Interior Building Products
  • Furniture
Product Type
Waterborne Liquid Coatings

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