Safety by Design

Our Development Protocol for New Coatings

Across our portfolio, you can count on technology solutions underscored by our rigorous Safety by Design development protocol, world class service and supply, and our regulatory expertise that spans the globe. 

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The Safety by Design Process

The Industry's Most Extensive Research and Safety Process

One of the many benefits of working with Sherwin-Williams is the full support of our world-class team of regulatory experts. Working in Sherwin-Williams locations around the world, our experts are intimately familiar with the local, national and global regulatory challenges and environmental issues that affect your business. As a result, they can keep you informed about potential regulatory changes while providing our product developers with the information they need to keep your packaging products and operations ahead of the curve.

Safety by Design 7 Steps

This process ensures products are developed to stand up to scientific rigor over the long term. View the graphic to see how the process works.

Customer-Focused Product Development and Problem-Solving

valPure® coatings are backed by extensive research and problem-solving capability. Every year, we commit resources and investment to our international network of laboratories. These facilities, filled with testing and analytical equipment, are staffed with experienced scientists and technicians devoted exclusively to packaging coatings, who can work in concert with you to develop new products, achieve regulatory compliance, solve manufacturing problems and validate your existing food packaging products and processes. To date Sherwin-Williams Packaging Coatings has been awarded more than 40 FCNs (Food Contact Notifications from the FDA).

Safety by Design Infographic

This infographic explains how we use a pharmaceutical-like process, Safety by Design, to develop products. Sherwin-Williams uses this development protocol for early screening of materials for regulatory and environmental compliance.

The focus is to maintain food-packaging safety, while ensuring application and pack performance and international regulatory compliance. Hundreds of potential molecules are evaluated, and then a chosen few molecules are selected to move forward in development. Hundreds of tests are conducted to ensure performance and compliance.

With non-BPA regulatory approvals in more than 100 countries, you can find Sherwin-Williams non-BPA coatings on billions of cans. 

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