Explore High Performance Flooring Products by Type

Products by Type

Top-quality industrial floor aggregates that help ensure enhanced durability, slip resistance, and aesthetic appeal, ideal for heavy-duty areas.
Tailored for high-traffic areas, our colorants resist abrasions and chemicals, merging aesthetic and functional needs.
Concrete Surface Treatments
Concrete treatments that enhance industrial surfaces, resist wear, chemicals, and traffic, seal pores, and elevate aesthetics.
Epoxy Coatings
Engineered for tough environments, our epoxy coatings resist wear, promote safety, and come in a variety of colors and finishes.
MMA & Acrylic Coatings
Specialized coatings that offer rapid curing and robust durability, boasting vibrant colors, UV resistance, and ease of maintenance.
Polyaspartic & Polyurea Coatings
Coating formulations that promise quick cure times and lasting protection, designed for high-traffic zones and simplified maintenance.
Polyurethane Coatings
Industrial coatings that are tailored for demanding spaces, offering elasticity, chemical resistance, durability, and easy maintenance.
Polyurethane Concrete
Designed for demanding environments, polyurethane concrete offers moisture tolerance, chemical resistance, and resistance to thermal shock and cycling.
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