Resin Floor in Food Processing Facility

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Systems by Type

Cementitious Urethane
Ideal for industries prioritizing hygiene and durability, these systems excel in extreme conditions, resisting chemicals, thermal shock, and moisture.
Epoxy Flooring
Robust epoxy flooring systems that offer superior resistance to wear, rapid curing, and customization options for diverse industries.
ESD Conductive
Prep and repair systems that ensure optimal coating adhesion by addressing surface irregularities, laying the foundation for durable, aesthetic flooring.
MMA Acrylic Flooring
Blending functionality with aesthetics and ideal for moderate-traffic areas, MMA and acrylic floor systems offer rapid-curing, durability, and UV resistance.
Moisture Mitigation
Engineered flooring systems that tackle substrate moisture issues, reduce vapor transmission, and enhance adhesion for lasting results.
Polyaspartic Flooring
Tailored for diverse needs, polyaspartic flooring systems offer rapid curing, robust resistance, and UV stability without compromising aesthetics.
Urethane Flooring
Combining resilience against wear with design versatility, these flooring systems offer elasticity, durability, and aesthetic flexibility.
Wall Systems
Engineered for rigorous conditions, our wall systems are specifically designed for commercial and industrial spaces, blending durability with aesthetics.
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