Mechanical Room DB

A six coat, flexible waterproofing membrane system with a double broadcast of silica sand for added strength.

A prime coat of a flexible waterproofing membrane applied at 3-5 mils is followed by an additional two coats of the same coating at 20 mils each coat. The second 20 mil coat receives a broadcast of silica sand. An additional 15 mil epoxy coat receives a second broadcast. The reinforcement coat is a high solids epoxy applied at 15 mils, followed by a a light-stable urethane satin topcoat. Mechanical Room DB is both UV and chemical resistant, offers high wearability and has an aggressive texture.

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  • Resutile™ HTS 100

    Formerly Eco-HTS 100 - A low odor/low VOC, durable, chemical resistant, aliphatic, satin urethane for high traffic areas.

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  • Resuflor™ Flex

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  • 5310 Dry Silica Sand

    Silica broadcast aggregate that provides a nonskid profile to various flooring systems.

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