Resuflor™ Flex

Formerly Eco-Flex - Resuflor Flex is a durable and elastomeric epoxy floor coating that flexible with floor vibration to reduce floor cracks.

Neutral, two-component, high solids epoxy. Applied at 3-5 mils for priming or up to 2 coats of 20 mils as a flexible waterproofing membrane. Also used as a seed coat for broadcast systems. Optional colors may be achieved with the use of color packs.

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  • LEED - Credits available - Indoor Environmental Quality - 4.2 Low Emitting Materials, Paint and Coatings

  • Low VOC - 6 grams per liter

  • Gloss sheen that lasts twice as long as standard urethanes; up to four times as long as standard epoxies

  • Offers excellent resistance to chemicals 100% aliphatic or UV-stable formula which helps keep floors from yellowing over time
  • Education and Culture
  • Stadiums and Arenas
  • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare
  • Automotive
Solvent Liquid Coatings

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