Resuflor™ PT 250 Topcoat

Formerly Eco-PT 250 Topcoat - An epoxy topcoat/grout coat for use over the Resuflor PT 250 troweled resurfacer.

A high solids, thickened epoxy for sealing overlays. May also be used in other applications where an "orange-peel" texture is desired. A variety of colors may be achieved with the use of color packs.

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  • LEED® v4 - Indoor Air Quality credits available

  • May be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces

  • Thixotropic, no need to add thickening agents

  • Environmentally and user friendly

  • Low odor, allowing for application during normal business hours

  • Complies with SCAQMD VOC regulations, <100 g/L
  • Retail and Commercial
  • Electronics
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace and Aviation
Solvent Liquid Coatings

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