Resuflor™ Screed TG46 II

Formerly Heavy Duty - A five layer, nominal 1/4" epoxy mortar system used to resurface interior concrete floors.

High solids epoxies and silica aggregate are combined to resurface interior concrete floors. Primary system is smoothed out for a satin, high wear urethane topcoat. An epoxy can be used to create an "orange-peel" texture, or a gloss urethane are options.

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  • Resuflor™ PT 250 Topcoat

    Formerly Eco-PT 250 Topcoat - An epoxy topcoat/grout coat for use over the Resuflor PT 250 troweled resurfacer.

  • Resuflor™ MPE

    Formerly Eco-MPE - A low-odor, high solids epoxy that self-levels for easy application.

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