Resutile™ 4700

A two-component, multi-purpose urethane pot-hole and concrete repair material.

Mixed and cured at room temperature, Resutile™ 4700 Instant Patch Resin is used for patching holes, cracks, depressions and other surface imperfections on a variety of substrates. The material sets within two minutes and the repaired area can be placed in service or recoated within 30 minutes at normal room temperatures. In cold temperatures, larger batches can be mixed and applied as a floor finish.

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  • Extremely fast cure

  • Easy to mix, 1:1 pourable components

  • Non-shrinking

  • Excellent wetting out characteristics

  • Very low viscosity

  • Traffic bearing hardness

  • Cold temperature application and cure
  • Food and Beverage
  • Flooring
  • Pharmaceutical
Solvent Liquid Coatings

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