FasTop Topfloor SL57

Formerly FasTop 12S. A concrete slurry system designed to protect concrete, wood, and steel substrates.

FasTop® Topfloor SL57 is a urethane concrete slurry system applied at 4-5 mm (3/16") thickness and broadcast with aggregate to yield a 6-9mm (1/4-3/8") finished floor. FasTop Topfloor SL57 can be applied with a pin rake, screed rake or flat trowel. It is designed to protect concrete, wood and steel substrates from thermal shock, impact, corrosion, chemical attack, and abrasion.

Products available for this system:

  • Resuflor Aqua 3477

    A two-component epoxy water emulsion primer/sealer.

  • FasTop 4040

    A two-component urethane primer.

  • FasTop 4090

    A two-component, water-based resin used with specific aggregates to create FasTop Topfloor SL57 and FasTop Topfloor SL13 floor systems.

  • FasTop 4080

    A two-component, cementitious urethane cement self-leveling slurry to be applied at 3/16" thickness and broadcast to yield a 1/4"-3/8" finished system.

  • FasTop 4060

    A two-component binder resin.

  • 5095

    Sherwin-Williams 5095 Aggregate

  • 5055

    FasTop Topfloor Aggregate

  • 5080

    Sherwin-Williams 12 S Slurry Aggregate

  • 5310 Dry Silica Sand

    5310 Dry Silica Sand

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