Resuflor Screed TG46

Formerly TPM 115 S. High-build protective resurfacing systems.

Resuflor™ Screed TG46 systems are 1/8" - 1/4" high build protective resurfacing systems utilizing an epoxy and silica aggregate mortar, high build grout, and seal coats. Different seal coat options are available for specific needs.

Products available for this system:

  • Resuflor 3746

    A two-component, recoatable epoxy and binder resin.

  • Resutile 4687

    A two-component, ultra high-solids, aliphatic urethane finish.

  • Resuflor 3561

    A two-component, high-solids epoxy resin.

  • Resuprime 3579

    A two-component, high-solids, clear or pigmented epoxy primer and binder resin.

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