UK Pharmaceutical Facility Provided with Tough and Attractive Floor Finish

Resuflor Q Screed selected for pharmaceutical production facility to provide hygienic, sealed and impervious surface for safe working environment.

Resin flooring technology incorporating decorating quartz aggregates can create a highly decorative and very durable seamless floor suitable for industrial and commercial situations where performance and aesthetics are important. 

Hangar flooring system

Designers and specialist flooring contractors were tasked with specifying a system for this facility to provide a long term decorative flooring solution. Challenges on the project included the existing substrate requiring to be levelled  as it was out of specification and no longer suitable for the intended pharmaceutical production processes.  It was recommended that initially a pumped industrial sub base be applied prior to the surface finishes. 

A protein free flowable cementitous compound was used to level existing concrete substrates or make up to required levels and create a suitable profile. Typically laid from  7 - 50mm in one application, this provides a fast and economic way of refurbishing and levelling substrates.

Once the surface had be regulated using the sub screed the surface was mechanically prepared by diamond grinding to provide a mechanical key, the surface was then primed using Resuprime MVT, which is a moisture tolerant liquid damp proof membrane.

After priming the substrate Resuflor Q Screed was then installed.  Resuflor Q Screed is applied by a steel float and trowel applied at 5mm.  The coloured quartz granules which are bound in a clear epoxy resin provide an aesthetically pleasing and decorative finish whilst providing high levels or durability and impact resistance.

Hygienic coving was also required for this project.  One of the benefits of Resuflor Q Screed is that it can be applied to form in situ coving detail which is seamless from floor to wall. This  would enable the areas to be sterilised and easy to clean and ensure the high levels of cleanliness and hygiene required in this type of facility can be achieved.

Once the Resuflor Q Screed is installed the surface is then grouted using Resuflor GC UVR resin sealer. Finally a coat of Resupen WB Matt Clear was applied to give a contemporary matt finish.  Resupen WB Matt also enhances the level of  scratch and abrasion resistance to ensure that the system keeps attractive for longer.

Resuflor Q Screed was applied to the main production areas, testing and lab facility and all the connecting corridor areas.

The result was a hygienic and decorative surface.


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