Coatings for Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles have it rough, literally. They work in challenging environments, they are exposed to the toughest conditions whether from chemicals, temperature, or from the grittiest operators. That's why we design finishes that are meant to last. 

Our coatings protect vehicles from the frame to the trailer; but we don't just stop there. We are passionate about color too. Our coatings combine the beauty and lasting finish that protect your brand, and the field-tested durability that protect your customers' investment. 

coating blue vehicle


  • E-Coat

    Electrocoat for commercial vehicles, protecting from the frame to the trailer and everything in between.

  • Liquid

    Commercial vehicle coatings need to protect from the frame to the trailer. But, what about colour? Our coatings combine beauty and a lasting finish that protect your customers' investments.

  • Powder

    Explore our Powder Coatings for Commercial Vehicles. Powder Coatings provide applicators with the look, texture, and durability that customers demand. Look to Sherwin-Williams for innovative technologies, product and technical support for Powder Coating applications today.

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