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Industrial Coatings cover a broad range of industries and manufacturers. Our coatings are designed to enhance products and brands with colour that inspires and lasts the test of time. Formulations designed to protect assets and investments over the long-haul, offer customers peace of mind. Combining highly engineered coatings with expertise in design and application offers process improvements that drive down total applied costs and gives back to the bottom line. Lastly, whether you are looking for a low VOC waterborne liquid formulation or powder coatings designed to improve application efficiency with almost no VOC's our portfolio is designed to support sustainable practices and reduce the impact on air quality and the environment. Our expertise in coating technologies can provide you with the competitive edge that you've been looking for. Find out why your success is our obsession.

Powdura Eco Powder Coatings

An exciting innovation from Sherwin-Williams, powder coatings designed with resin that includes pre-consumer recycled plastic content. Each kg of Powdura Eco Powder Coatings contains the recycled content equivalent to 35 recycled plastic bottles. It's plastic waste, transformed.

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All General Industrial Division Products
As a leading manufacturer of industrial coatings with a proven history of durability, colour, innovation and service, we pride ourselves on finding just the right product for your application. Check out our full portfolio of liquid and powder coating technologies.
For appliances large and small, our coatings can give you that perfect colour to match the latest trends and the durability to hold up in the harshest environments. We are obsessed with, "the what if." If you ask, "what if a coating could do this?", we'll help you find the answers.
Architectural Building Products
Sherwin-Williams offers a full portfolio of liquid and powder coatings designed for commercial and residential building products.
Military Vehicles
Defence Coatings
Sherwin-Williams industrial defence coatings offer a wide variety of solutions to meet your specifications. From water-borne CARC to our Tru-Mix Touch-up paints we can help you cover it all.
Sherwin-Williams offers a full portfolio of coatings that are designed to protect and beautify electronics and medical devices.
Sherwin-Williams provides a complete offering of coating solutions for the energy industry customers requiring strong corrosion and weathering protection. We offer coatings for solar mirrors, transformers, enclosures, wind energy and busbar applications.
General Finishes
Whether you are running a job shop or a finishing line at an OEM, your manufacturing cannot stop. That's why we offer a wide variety of in-stock liquid and powder coatings to support your operations, along with the technical support and expertise to keep your business on the move.
Heavy Equipment
The world relies on you for agriculture, construction and more. Rely on us for the right coatings solutions to ensure your products and brand are protected in the field for years to come.
Metal Furniture
Our coatings for furniture and fixtures give designers the flexibility to unleash colour creativity while providing protection and supporting efficient manufacturing operations.
Product Resources
Visit the product resources page to view and download information ranging from brochures, selection guides, and more.
Upfitters, OEMs, and tier suppliers need coatings and partners that are in it for the long hall. From fleet colours and finishes to rearview mirrors, we offer the durability and protection in our commercial vehicle coatings cover it all.
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