General Finishing Coatings

Powder & Liquid Coatings for General Finishing Operations

Whether you are running a job shop or a finishing line at an OEM, your manufacturing cannot halt. That's why we offer a wide variety of in-stock liquid and powder coatings to support your operations, along with the technical support and expertise to keep your business on the move. 

  • Drums and Storage Tanks

    Sherwin-Williams offers coatings designed to meet the needs of storage tank applicators and asset owners for ease application and longevity in the field.

  • Industrial Machinery

    From small industrial equipment to large wood or marble processing machinery, Sherwin-Williams can provide a complete range of painting solutions to meet your every need.

  • Lawn and Garden

    Sherwin-Williams offers a complete range of powder, liquid solvent, or water-soluble coatings to meet your weather resistance needs and give your lawnmowers or other garden care items the right aesthetic customisation you require.

  • Metal Finishing

    When your products help others realise their vision, the finish matters. Our fixture coatings give designers the flexibility to unleash their design creativity while also supporting efficient manufacturing operations. We work with colour trend experts to formulate fashion-forward colours that meet building trends. Your products, their vision, our coatings, let's build something great together!

  • Racking

    We offer a full lineup of powder and liquid coatings to ensure you are meeting all your specifications.

  • Water Pumps

    Water Pumps. Sherwin-Williams has defined a precise range of waterborne coatings for the protection of electric pumps made to extract and convey water.

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