Passenger bus

Heavy Truck and Bus

Protection Mile After Mile

Corrosion on heavy trucks, buses and fleet vehicles is a serious issue for manufacturerers and operators. Over time, corrosion can present a major safety hazard and result in lengthy and expensive repairs. Our innovative portfolio of products is specifically designed to protect against the harsh chemicals and environments that equipment encounters day in and out. From liquid to powder, Sherwin-Williams works with industry leaders to understand changing needs to ensure coatings continue to last for all the miles your equipment will run.

  • E-Coat

    Electrocoat is the perfect solution to provide long-term corrosion and weathering protection for the many miles your products need to travel.

  • Liquid

    Truck and Bus operators put on the miles. When that asset is not in service neither is their business. Check out our coating solutions for colour that needs to last for miles.

  • Powder

    Explore our Powder Coatings for Trucks and Buses. Powder Coatings provide applicators with the look, texture, and durability that customers demand. Look to Sherwin-Williams for innovative technologies, product and technical support for Powder Coating applications today.

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