There's Never A Good Time For Downtime

Transformers spend every day in the elements and form the backbone of modern life for millions. Strong corrosion and weathering protection aren't optional; it's a mandate. Sherwin-Williams will work with you to understand your coating requirements and operational environment and provide the right solution that helps your products last. The result is a durable ready-to-spray solution that combines efficient application and long-term performance for transformers that can't afford downtime.

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  • E-Coat

    Electrodeposition coating (E-Coat) is an environmentally friendly method to protect the metal substrates.
    VECTROGARD™, VOTON™ and V-SHIELD™ are Sherwin-Williams E-Coat brands used in the electrodeposition process, where metallic parts are immersed in the coating bath and the system allows to apply a uniform thickness with high automation, high productivity and total applied cost efficiency.

  • Liquid

    Sherwin-Williams coating solutions provide excellent corrosion and weathering resistance to protect transformers from the elements.

  • Powder

    Explore our Powder Coatings for Transformers. Powder Coatings provide applicators with the look, texture, and durability that customers demand. Look to Sherwin-Williams for innovative technologies, product and technical support for Powder Coating applications today.

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