DFV Industrial Coating and Wood-effect Decorations Certified and Guaranteed for up to 15 Years

Syntha Pulvin® Powder Coatings For Architectural Use

DFV Company realises all their finishes only using Qualicoat approved non-toxic polyester powders. In this regard, the continuous collaboration with suppliers of powder coatings is fundamental, such as Sherwin-Williams, strategic partners in the creation of excellent products and in the research and development of cutting-edge solutions, capable of responding promptly to the changing needs of the market.

DFV is an Italian Company with an important international relevance, a leader in the sector of painting for architectural and industrial use.
Founded in 1972, today DFV has 3 production units in Italy (Lecce, Venezia, and Agrigento) and 2 abroad (Brazil and Australia). All production sites are equipped with modern painting systems, both vertical and horizontal, and with wood-effect decoration systems that allow DFV to offer a wide range of high-quality colours to several thousand customers as window fabricators, distributors of aluminum profiles, producers, and systems engineers for residential and industrial architecture. The product range of DFV varies from classic and special RAL colours to wood-effect paints and decorations. The core business is represented by the DFV patented EZY and EZY HD2 wood-effect decorations, made using powder on powder technology.

The partnership between DFV and Sherwin-Williams began in the early 2000s. The Companies collaborate for the realisation of wood-effect products, many speckled effect coatings, now also developed in Qualicoat Class 2 version, and the whole range of finishes for architectural. The Syntha Pulvin® powders used by DFV are suitable for architectural use and are Qualicoat and GSB approved. 


The DFV production plants are equipped with large automatic warehouses, directly connected to the painting systems, and large compactable warehouses that double storage capacity and optimise controls and material handling. An automatic vertical multi-column powder warehouse is operational, positioned near the painting booths, where the boxes of powder paints are stored. The proximity storage of the raw material fully responds to the principle of the lean production system adopted by DFV, allowing painters to independently pick up the raw material, when needed, in the quantity needed, simultaneously eliminating all unproductive times as well as any identification and picking errors. Great attention is always paid to the quality of the packaging, to the rapid management of orders, to the online query of their status, to short delivery times.
The careful planning of the production processes and the scrupulous control on each phase of the manufacturing process ensure quality and efficiency up to the finished product. Inside the Quality Control Laboratory, checks and sampling are carried out daily on each production batch.
The values that distinguish DFV Total Quality are the enhancement of human capital and skills, training and continuous updating of personnel, attention to environmental and ethical sustainability in industrial processes, the care of personalised relationships with customers and stakeholders, investment policies in research and development. DFV guarantees for 10 years the painting of all painted aluminum products in its production plants concerning pitting, cracks, flaking, detachment of the paint film, degradation of brightness, and alterations to light. The warranty extends up to 15 years for all Class 2 painted products.

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