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Complete solutions for a durable finish

With Sherwin-Williams unique coating systems for Interior joinery, we can help you achieve the performance and durable finish you need to grow and attract attention on the market.

Sherwin-Williams offers coating solutions that combine aesthetics, performance and process functionality in order to meet and exceed your expectations.

Interior Building Products - Product Selection Guide

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With more than 16 blending facilities across Europe, we are at your service and ready to provide solutions for all of your coating needs.

  • Clear Fillers, Sealers and Lacquers

    Clear Sealers

    Sherwin-Williams clear wood sealers will help you with a smooth transition to the next step in your application.

    Clear Topcoats

    Sherwin-Williams clear top lacquers for wood gives you not just a beautiful surfaces but also a high quality finish with high durability.

  • Oils

    Sherwin-Williams oils and waxes for Interior Joinery are mainly based on natural raw materials. They produce a natural look and superior surface feel.

  • Pigmented Fillers, Primers and Topcoats


    Sherwin-Williams wood fillers with help you achieve the finishing result you desire.

    Pigmented Primers

    Sherwin-Williams line of wood primers for interior joinery will help you towards the perfect end result.

    Pigmented Topcoat
    Sherwin-Williams product portfolio of pigmented topcoats will give you astonishing, tough and long-lasting surfaces.

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