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When it comes to their kitchens, consumers look to you for beautiful cabinets that will withstand the test of time,  while you continuously seek efficient and cost-effective solutions that increase throughput and offer a boost to your bottom line.   

You can count on Sherwin-Williams for finishes that provide both exceptional performance and the beautiful appearance your customers expect.

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  • Clear Fillers, Sealers and Lacquers

    Clear Sealers

    Sherwin-Williams provides a full range of clear wood sealers for kitchen cabinets that sand quickly and help you achieve an extremely smooth final result.

    Clear Topcoats

    Sherwin-Williams clear wood topcoats for kitchen cabinets provide a rich, even finish with excellent durability and abrasion resistance for long-lasting beauty.

  • Oils

    Sherwin-Williams oils and waxes for Kitchen Cabinets are mainly based on natural raw materials. Giving you a wood look with a natural appearance.

  • Pigmented Fillers, Primers and Topcoats


    Sherwin-Williams clear and pigmented wood fillers for kitchen cabinets are very good in filling defects and provide a good foundation for surface coating.

    Pigmented Primers

    Sherwin-Williams' line of wood primers and surfacers for kitchen cabinets provides versatility and performance - and the foundation for the beautiful finish.

    Pigmented Topcoats

    Sherwin-Williams' complete family of non-yellowing pigmented wood coatings for kitchen cabinets that stand the test of time.

  • Stains

    Sherwin-Williams' complete line of wood stains for kitchen cabinets provide easy application and a beautiful finish.

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