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Furniture Trends

The experts at our Global Color & Design Center have identified stain stories that highlight the unique and natural beauty of wood.

The Sherwin-Williams Global Color & Design Center (GCDC), located in Greensboro, North Carolina, is dedicated to uncovering trends and consumer preferences at local, regional, and global levels. The GCDC gives furniture manufacturers a competitive edge by elevating their finish offerings to meet consumer expectations.

Experts at the GCDC are immersed in the product development process, which includes identifying emerging color and style trends in the furniture industry to help you ensure your palette is comprehensive, making it easy to go to market with the right finishes.

Here are the stain stories the experts at our GCDC are seeing for 2020 and beyond:



Nostalgic browns continue to grow in popularity, skewing away from the yellow, orange, and red undertones of yesterday and toward more modern rich ebony and dark chocolate hues. These grounding finishes add a touch of understated luxury to the home.


As consumers become exhausted with technology, they seek to create a calming refuge in their home. Because of this, we’ve seen a shift to a simpler, more organic home design that contributes to a sense of serenity, with "barely there" finishes and authentic wood that magnifies nature’s imperfections coming to the forefront.


Texture is more popular than ever, with distressed rustic finishes, cerused materials, and geometric patterns leading the way. Charred finishes are also prevalent, and the industry is experiencing a shift from cooler to warmer tones. As personalization becomes more important, these one-of-a-kind finishes allow consumers to add a unique sense of flair to their space.


Minimalistic and streamlined. Scandinavian-inspired finishes serve as a great backdrop for airy whites and neutrals or pops of color. While grays are still very prevalent, warmer blonde finishes are gaining in popularity, as well, consumers look to bring a sense of subtle lightness and calmness into the home.



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