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Value-added solutions to help you maximise your quality and reach your productivity goals. Interested in learning more about how our technical experts can help you solve your toughest finishing challenges?

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When you transition to Sherwin-Williams coatings, you don't have to go it alone. Our dedicated on-site technical representatives are beside you every step of the way to assist in product and process transitions. We can help you gain visibility into your finishing process to discover ways to reduce materials cost, labour and energy consumption for optimum efficiency.

Take advantage of our Technical Application Centers, where you can experiement with new coatings and equipment before committing to implementing them on your line. Our technical team will train your employees on new coatings, application technology, machinery, substrates, and more.

With extensive equipment, process and product expertise, our robust technical team has the knowledge and skills to help you minimise line down time and ensure quality finishes — both critical factors when it comes to increasing your throughput and efficiencies while driving — market appeal.  

Our service and support functions are crucial in the process of defining and developing the end finish that is required by our customers. Our technical experts take deep pride in finding that perfect solution that ultimately will end up on our customers manufactured objects offered to the market.

Kenth Eriksson

Vice President and General Manager, Industrial Wood Coatings Division EMEAI

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