Tanks and Terminals

Tanks and Terminals

Protective Coatings Designed for Extended Maintenance Intervals

Our single-coat epoxies consistently pass 20-year inspections – showing no signs of lining failure, even in demanding service applications – and are being re-certified for additional 10-year inspection periods. That gives asset owners at least a 30-year interval between lining applications, which significantly reduces their operating costs.  With our range of advanced concrete coatings for containment areas, we can keep your tank farms and terminal areas fit for service for many years to come.

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Solutions for Your Industry

  • Corrosion Protection

    Coatings for the offshore industry engineered to protect assets in the most extreme environments

  • Internal Pipeline Coatings

    Advanced coating technologies that help pipeline operators move energy safely, efficiently and cost effectively

  • Insulation and Cryogenic Protection

    FIRETEX® epoxy intumescent coatings that effectively mitigate the effects of jet fires, pool fires, boiling liquid expanding vapour explosions (BLEVEs) and blasts

  • Linings and Containment

    Solutions for chemical plants that keep corrosion at bay and deliver a range of efficiencies along the way

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