Resuflor™ WB Colour

Two-pack water-based epoxy coloured floor coating

Resuflor™ WB Colour is a two-pack water-based epoxy resin for flooring and walls with very low VOC content. The product has excellent adhesion to concrete and other surfaces providing attractive, hard wearing dust-free finishes. Resuflor™ WB Colour industrial resin flooring can act as a curing membrane to increase the hardness of concrete by allowing full hydration of cement. Resuflor™ WB Colour can be applied to new concrete, 7 days after being poured.

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  • Low odour

  • Silica-free

  • Superb adhesion

  • Hard wearing

  • Hygienic
  • Car Parks
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Automotive
Waterborne Liquid Coatings

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